• Demand Response

    Demand Response

    Demand Response

    Helping utilities manage peak demand, and demand/supply volatility.

    Helping utilities manage peak demand, and demand/supply volatility.

What is demand response? Demand response (DR) is defined as a measurable change in energy demand by customers in response to a curtailment notice. Demand response assists utilities with balancing energy supply and demand. A demand response programme can quickly remove load off the electricity network during peak demand or emergency periods, when it is needed most.

We've been providing comprehensive demand response products and services to Eskom, the largest utility in Africa, for over a decade.

We have extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Demand Side Management, including time-of-use tariff design and implementation, critical peak day pricing, energy efficiency, and demand response. Our demand response services and solutions have proven to be a reliable alternative to the provision of generation reserves in Southern Africa since 2007. Our DRPro Demand Response Management platform is used daily by the South African system operator to balance supply and demand, and manage network frequency.

  • DRPro

    Our flagship DRPro Demand Response Management platform provides a sophisticated solution for the end-to-end management of industrial, commercial and residential demand response programmes, as well as the aggregation of distributed energy resources such as embedded generation, renewables, standby generators and energy storage. DRPro consists of a number of software modules, seamlessly integrating with one another to deliver a complete demand response solution.

    We offer a cloud-hosted, fully outsourced service, OR you can choose to buy a DRPro license and run the operations yourself.


  • Outsourced Demand Response

    Our Demand Response Operations Desk provides a turn-key outsourced 24/7/365 demand response service for clients who prefer to have the benefits of a demand response programme, but without needing to invest in software or staff. Our experienced team will ensure that your demand response programme is executed in the most appropriate manner for you and your customers.

  • Automated Demand Response

    We have a wide range of demand response equipment that can be installed at customer sites, depending on requirements. We can provide automated dispatch capability and communications, or merely metering capability. In instances where virtually instantaneous customer load reduction is required (for example in response to system frequency drop), we install specialised control and measurement equipment. Our on-site equipment integrates with the DRPro platform to ensure end-to-end integration and quick presentation of the results.

  • Consulting

    We specialise in the full spectrum of demand response consulting, ranging from programme setup and demand analytics, to product development, customer analysis and scenario analysis. This ensures that you implement the optimum ‘fit for purpose’ solution for your particular needs. We consult regarding demand response portfolio setup, customer contracting, scheduling, dispatching, measurement, performance reporting and financial settlements to ensure that you leverage off business and international best practice.

    We'll design a demand response solution to meet your needs, and assist you to measure, report and optimise the solution to achieve the best results.

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